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Sandy Tan

Financial Consultant

Hi! I'm Sandy. After years of working as a translator, I am now embarking on an exciting new journey as a financial consultant.

Though I don't have a prestigious academic background—just a diploma in Accounting—and lack extensive experience in the finance industry, I am driven by a clear goal: to improve the lives of my family and myself. To my future clients, I say, let's become the best partners in navigating our financial futures together!

A little about me: I have a deep love for books of all kinds, from English and Chinese novels to web novels and mangas. My favorite author is J.D. Robb. Additionally, I have a slight obsession with a certain ARPG game that features archons.

What is a typical day like?

My typical day is quite simple: a balance of work and rest. Working from home allows for flexible hours, but I prefer to start my day early and finish early, usually beginning around 8:30 AM and wrapping up by late afternoon.


After work, I like to unwind by reading Chinese or English novels and watching gaming streams. It’s a straightforward but satisfying routine that keeps me content and productive.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?


I can be quite talkative once I get to know someone well enough. Like many introverts, it's initially challenging for me to open up to people. It took my friends three years during our polytechnic days for me to truly open up to them.


I'm grateful for their patience, as it has made me much more conversational. Now, I find it easier to talk to strangers and acquaintances, which has been incredibly beneficial for me.

Guiding us through this commitment to excellence is our esteemed agency leader, Desmond. With unwavering support and a wealth of experience, Desmond empowers our team to thrive. His mentorship ensures that we are equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, every step of the way.

What was it like to make a mid-career switch?

Making a mid-career switch can be quite challenging, as there are many factors to consider, such as salary adjustments, the difficulties of entering a new industry, and adapting to a different work environment.

My transition from a freelance translator to a financial consultant was a significant leap. Although I studied accounting during my polytechnic years, I never initially planned to enter the finance and accounting industry. Becoming a translator was an unexpected decision I made while pursuing my accounting degree; I took a leap of faith, dropped out of school, and found a job I enjoyed.

However, my translation job faced budget cuts, leaving me with a lower-than-expected income. Needing to find a new job, I applied for various positions, unaware that one was for a financial consultant. When my agency leader informed me about the role, I was hesitant. I didn't have a favorable impression of financial consultants and insurance agents and was reluctant to enter this industry.

But after a few discussions with my agency leader, he offered me a different perspective on the profession, and I decided to give it a chance.

That's how I ended up where I am today. Making a mid-career switch requires a lot of courage, faith, and the belief that everything will work out in the end.



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