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May Htike

Senior Financial Consultant

I'm May Htike, a seasoned Senior Financial Consultant and a proud mother of two wonderful boys. Since the inception of my career, my unwavering mission has been to serve as a stalwart guardian of my clients' financial well-being and ensure the safeguarding of their future.

My educational background includes a degree in Mechanical and Production Engineering from Nanyang Technological University. Prior to embarking on this journey in finance, I held the position of Associate Manager - Commercial at a leading centrifugal pump manufacturer in 2019, marking the culmination of my engineering career before transitioning to the financial sector.

Drawing upon my comprehensive financial knowledge and hands-on experience, I am committed to offering you reliable and holistic financial planning advice. Whether you are a Singaporean resident or a foreign national, I am here to provide personalized guidance tailored to your unique financial needs and aspirations.

What was it like to make a mid-career switch? 

Definitely making a mid-career switch is hard. It’s even harder when you’re a parent. However, the desire for a better life leads me to become Financial Consultant.

How do you define success? 

For me, definition of success is knowing that what you are doing is helping you and others lead a better, happier and healthier life.




I believe that to know May is a true advantage. We all know buying an insurance policy these days is not a difficult task, but finding a financial consultant that identifies your needs, understands you and provides you with the right plan to secure your future, is an extremely daunting task.


Fortunately for me and my family, I found a constant who has all the above traits and is a very hard worker, May Htike.


During our first appointment, she did explain about the financial and health care plans for both pros and cons. Then she narrowed down and discuss details of plans based on our preferences. It’s a pleasure to meet with May and work with her as our financial consultant.


We highly recommend everyone that May Htike is a professional and good agent who can provide financial/health insurance advice based on your demands.


When we met, firstly she explained details of financial and health care plans. Secondly, she narrowed it down and explained in details of plans based on what I needed. It’s a pleasure to meet with May Htike and I got lots of  financial knowledge from her.


I highly recommend everyone that May Htike is a good financial consultant who can really give financial advice based on your demands.

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