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Lynette Wong

Master Financial Consultant

Lynette is a Master Financial Consultant with six years of experience under her belt and is a Premier Silver Consultant and Million Dollar Round Table qualifier. She believes that building a strong foundation of one's finances stems from a detailed understanding of individual needs and constructive and sound planning for specific milestones in life, thereby making for a good manoeuvre in unforeseen circumstances. 

She graduated from Singapore Management University with a degree in Accounting and a second Major in Finance and did her exchange programme in Frankfurt Oder, Germany. She is also a Chartered Accountant (Singapore) and was employed with one of the Big 4 Accounting Firms for 4 years. 

Lynette speaks fluent English, Chinese, Japanese and Thai and holds a portfolio of international clients. With a passion for languages, she firmly believes that speaking her client's native language facilitates effective communication and forges friendships. 

She is currently studying German and Russian and hopes to master even more languages in time. 

In her free time,  you can find Lynette smothering Kumquat, her white Pekingese, with kisses, spinning at various studios, or hoddled up fighting her RPG battles in the world of Final Fantasy on her switch and PS5.

What was it like to make a mid-career switch? 

Undoubtedly, daunting. Despite a background in finance, this was a brand new area of expertise where I had to learn the ropes and acquire new skill sets and knowledge, peppered with lots more personal touch. It was very unlike my corporate lifestyle previously, where I was working behind my computer screen with significantly less face-to-face interaction with my corporate clients.

Personality wise, I’d say I am bubbly and always have the inquisitiveness to learn new skills and have a truckload of energy to spare. Along with a helpful agency leader and friends to guide me along the way, the transition was pretty smooth sailing and quite the adventure!

What advice would you give to people considering this career?

Be respectful, and have grit and humility as a foundation to your working ethos. 




Thanks so much for helping me with managing my finances these couple of years. The recommendations you have made me in terms of managing both my long-term and short-term finances, ranging from insurance coverage, retirement plans, to investments, have been very helpful and cover the full range of my financial needs.


Knowing that I am not very financial savvy, it was great that you ran through all of my financial commitments, income and spending, and my preferences before each recommendation that you make and show me how it fits in with my needs and plans. The recommendations you have made so far have been going very nicely, and I hope I can leave my finances in your hands for the years to come too!


It was my first time taking out personal insurance and Lynette has been incredibly patient and thorough with me. She really took the time to explain all the different kinds of policies and the pro and cons of each over the course of several months and helped guide me so that I was able to choose the policies that worked best for me and my lifestyle.


She met me many times before I finally made a decision on the policies I wanted to take out and has always listened to my needs and answered my multitude of questions with ease.


Since taking out the polices, she has taken the effort to provide me with periodic updates both by way of email and in person, so that I could keep updated with any changes that affected my policies.


Due to my busy and unpredictable work schedule, I have really appreciated the in-person updates and the effort Lynette puts in with her clients.


I would therefore happily recommend Lynette as she has been a hardworking and professional financial consultant this past year, and I am sure she is the same with all her clients.


Lynette has been a very helpful and professional financial consultant for my whole family.

Initially when she first engaged us, we had several policies signed with another consultant. Even though these policies were not managed by her, she took the time to explain to us what each policy meant and what the pros and cons were. She also made sure to draw up a very comprehensive table to explain what policies each family member had and which ones we should buy so as to cover ourselves fully.

She listened to each of our needs and requests very carefully and was able to recommend the best plan for each family member. She also made it very comfortable for us to tell her our problems and issues that we were facing honestly. As such, to us she is not just a financial consultant, but also a close family friend who provides a listening ear.

She told us that she is driven to ensure that her clients optimize their financial portfolio and we feel that her actions have proven her words.

She has also taken the effort to give us periodic updates, which is something that we have not experienced with most of our previous agents who would not contact us after selling us the policy. This was true for all family members, including me who was studying overseas.

Therefore, we would like to commend Lynette for being a committed, truthful, professional, and hardworking financial consultant for our whole family. Given our experiences with her, we believe that she will do the same for you and we recommend that you engage her as your financial consultant.

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