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Erra Asram

Financial Consultant

Greetings! I'm Erra, and I recently embarked on an exciting journey as a financial consultant with DL Partners. My approach revolves around cultivating trust and fostering camaraderie with both prospects and clients alike. Acting as a guiding compass, I am committed to steering individuals through the various milestones of their lives, ensuring their financial well-being every step of the way.

Beyond my role in finance, I am currently pursuing a Double Degree in International Political Studies and International Business at Murdoch University. This academic pursuit reflects my dedication to understanding global dynamics and applying strategic insights to financial planning.

Outside the realm of finance and academia, I am fueled by an adventurous spirit. You might catch me exploring the great outdoors through hiking or embarking on long cycling journeys around the vibrant cityscape of Singapore during my downtime.

With a blend of expertise, integrity, and a zest for life, I am here to guide you towards financial success while embracing the journey every step of the way. Let's embark on this journey together!

What motivated you to join this industry?

I'm someone who thrives in environments where hard work and ambition are not only valued but celebrated. It's why I found my calling in an industry that not only recognizes dedication but also fosters a healthy work-life balance.

In this dynamic field, I can pursue my studies and invest time in the relationships that matter most to me, all while excelling in my career. Striking this balance enables me to not only achieve personal milestones but also be present for those who matter most.

Moreover, being part of this industry allows me to make a difference in people's lives in multifaceted ways. Whether it's through imparting financial wisdom or assisting individuals in reaching their significant life goals, I find immense fulfillment in being a guiding force for others.

Share with us some interesting observations about

DL Partners Culture.


Prior to joining DL Partners, I had done interviews and spoke to a plethora of other agencies and agency leaders. However, it was the distinct ethos of DL Partners that truly resonated with me. At DL Partners, we don't just engage with clients and prospects – we cultivate meaningful relationships with them, striving to understand their needs at the deepest level. Trust forms the bedrock of our interactions, laying the foundation for lasting partnerships and mutual success.

Guiding us through this commitment to excellence is our esteemed agency leader, Desmond. With unwavering support and a wealth of experience, Desmond empowers our team to thrive. His mentorship ensures that we are equipped to navigate challenges and seize opportunities, every step of the way.

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